The Science of Sex & Gender in Human Health

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“Sex…is an important basic human variable that should be considered when designing and analyzing the results of studies in all areas and at all levels of biomedical and health-related research.”

—Institute of Medicine, Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter?

This online series of courses was designed to create a permanent foundation for sex and gender accountability in medical research and treatment by enabling researchers, clinicians, and students in the health professions to integrate knowledge of sex and gender differences and similarities into their research and practice.

Courses Offered

The site currently offers three courses:


The Basic Science and the Biological Basis for Sex- and Gender-Related Differences

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Sex and Gender Differences in Health and Behavior

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The Influence of Sex and Gender on Disease Expression and Treatment

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ORWH is currently updating its courses. Due to these updates, continuing education credits are unavailable currently for courses 1-3.

Who Can Benefit From These Courses?

This site was developed for researchers, clinicians, health care professionals, educators, and students who wish to gain a basic scientific understanding of the major physiological differences between the sexes, the influences these differences have on illness and health outcomes, and the implications for policy, medical research, and health care. The series of courses is open to the public.

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The Science of Sex and Gender in Human Health was developed by:

  • National Institutes of Health, Office of Research on Women's Health
  • FDA Office of Women's Health
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Purdue University

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